Flag Kits

American Flag Club Kits come with everything you need in one box. Simple, fast and right the first time.

Deluxe kits add premium rust free flag clips and an LED light so you can keep your flag flying at all times. 

Plus, save up to an EXTRA 25% when you enjoy a “forever-fresh” flag—with the nation’s #1 subscription service of its kind!

Flag Sets

Flag Sets

Our all-in-one kit with everything you need to get your American Flag flying.

Nylon Flag Set


Nylon Flag Set + Light



Premium Flag Sets

Our highest quality, premium polyester flag is included with these all-in-one kits. 

Premium Polyester Flag Set


Premium Polyester Flag Set + Light


Should I choose Nylon or Polyester?

Both flags are great, just different


 Stands up strong 
Slightly sensitive 
Moisture-resistant synthetic
Plush, organic, natural
Lightweight, responds to breeze
Heavyweight, flies naturally
Bright, shiny appearance
Muted, matte finish

100% of all materials
Made in USA

 100% of all materials
Lasts longer, costs slightly less
 Looks, flies + feels more natural