About Us

A reliable original.

American Flag Club is the unique subscription service created for thoughtful homeowners who want to fly their flag the right way. No longer do you have to question quality, where your flag was made, when you should replace it, how to honorably retire it, or if lights and other accessories will fit together seamlessly.

At American Flag Club, we take adherence to the U.S. Flag Code seriously—all while keeping the process easy and your kit customizable. So celebrate what matters. Whether that’s our nation’s history or adding a pop of sustained color and increased curb appeal to your front porch.

Either way, we make sure that each welcome kit and replacement flag that goes out our door—to yours— is as good if not better than the last.

Started by two guys from different sides of the country and opposite ends of the political aisle, American Flag Club was founded on the belief that you don’t always have to see eye-to-eye to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. And when you schedule delivery of a fresh, hand-folded flag you stand for more. Every purchase gives back to organizations that support veterans and everyday American heroes we can all rally behind.

Make it a banner year, every year.

Evan and Andrew

Co-Founders, American Flag Club

American Flag Club Gives Back:

A portion of every sale supports the American Legion and its mission to help veterans, families, and communities throughout the United States.

Evan's house - California
Andrew's house - Maine