Our Story

We don't know about you, but we love flying the American Flag. Always have. Always will.

But after decades of proudly displaying the stars and stripes, we realized that THE PROCESS of buying, flying and resupplying our house-mounted flag was sorely lacking.    

Co-founder Evan and his son Luke

We weren't alone–neighborhoods across America are filled with worn, faded, tangled flags that need attention. Why were so many homes flying once-proud American Flags in such utter disrepair?

Photos from our neighborhood

We founded American Flag Club to make flying the flag simpler, faster, and headache free. You don't have to wonder where your flag was made or if all your components fit together seamlessly. 

Automatic deliveries remind you when it’s time to replace your well-worn flag—every time. Plus we even help you retire it with honor. 

Started by two guys from different sides of the country and opposite ends of the political aisle, American Flag Club was founded on the belief that you don’t always have to see eye-to-eye to stand shoulder-to-shoulder. 

And when you schedule delivery of a fresh, hand-folded flag you stand for more. Every purchase gives back to organizations that support veterans and everyday American heroes we can all rally behind.

Make it a banner year, every year.

Evan and Andrew


 American Flag Club

Evan's House, California

Andrew's House, Maine